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World-Wide Trademark Searches covers over 25 countries. Quick Trademark Search service will assist you in controlling costs incurred on global trademark searching.
World-Wide Trademark Searches is a direct hit search, for word marks only, without analysis, covering upto 4 classes for a single mark. Reports are provided within 7 business days.
World-Wide Trademark Searches covers:
1.  Australia
2.  Benelux
3.  Bhutan
4.  Brazil
5.  Canada
6.  CTM
7.  Czech Republic
8.  Estonia
9.  Finland
10. Germany
11. Hong-Kong
12. Hungary
13. India
14. Ireland
15. Israel
16. Japan
17. Jordan
18. Madrid 
19. New Zealand
20. Phillipines 
21. Poland
22. Singapore
23. Slovenia
24. Spain
25. Sweden
26. Switzerland
27. U.K.
28. U.S.A.

Trademark Searches
does not include common law use of marks, business names or domain name registrations. The results include pre-existing marks that are identical .

Other marks that represent significant obstacles to the use or registration of the proposed mark may not be revealed. No responsibility of any kind is taken in respect of the accuracy of the search conducted as there is also the possibility of error in records maintained by the trademark offices.

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